Getting Ready for EventCat Multi-language Interpretation (For Host)

  1. Launch a Zoom meeting as the host and copy the meeting URL.
  2. Switch to your web browser(ex:Chrome), go to
  3. Paste the copied URL into "Paste Your Meeting URL"
  4. Choose the default language to be spoken, and the target languages for translations.
  • Only the meeting host has the privilege to invite EventCAT bots and grant them access to the meeting and choose the default languages for Attendees.
  1. Click "Invite EventCAT Bot", switch back to your Videocalls.(Zoom, Google meet, and MS Teams meeting.)
  2. When EventCAT Bot attempts to join the Zoom, Google meet, and MS Teams room, give the permission for recording. In case of any mistakes, end the meeting completely, then start over.
  3. Once the bot has successfully joined the meeting with the right permission, you'll see from your browser that the transcription has already started.

How to Use Live Multi-language Interpretation (For Attendees)

  1. Open the 'Chat' panel to see the URL of EventCat WebUI
  2. Click the URL, then you will immediately see the ongoing conversion being transcribed and translated to the selected target language on your browser.
  3. If you wish to read the live transcriptions in a different language, change the target language on the top right section (View Conversion in ...)
  4. If you wish to speak in a different language, change the speaking language of yours from the right bottom section (Participants - Your Name - Language).

We are committed to making your multilingual meeting experience as smooth and efficient as possible. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need assistance with these new features.

EventCAT for ZOOM

EventCAT for ZOOM

Live Transcription & Translation in Online Meeting